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CTI informs pilot ACT transition model in New York State

For persons with severe mental illness, the transition from assertive community treatment (ACT) to less intensive services is a vulnerable period during which enhanced support is especially vital.  The ACT Transitions Model, adapted in part from CTI, is a framework designed to enhance the coordination and continuity of care of service recipients who are moving

Using a brief CTI to promote continuity of care after inpatient hospitalization

Lisa Dixon of the University of Maryland and colleagues have published a new experimental study assessing the effectiveness of a brief three-month adaptation of CTI in enhancing continuity of outpatient psychiatric treatment for persons with serious mental illness following discharge from inpatient care.  Among the findings were that, compared with the control group, persons assigned

Canadian best practices portal adds CTI

CTI has been added to the Best Practices Portal for Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention.  The portal, maintained by the Public Health Agency of Canada, is intended to improve policy and program decision-making by enabling access to the best available evidence on chronic disease prevention and health promotion.