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Thunder Bay, Ontario, plans district-wide initiative

A service collaborative of representatives from the District of Thunder Bay, supported by the Provincial System Support Program (PSSP) of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, received CTI training in May 2018. The aim of the service collaborative is to improve outcomes among people with mental health and addiction challenges following discharge from the hospital

Proyecto CTI-TS Chile Photo Essay

This photo essay consists of excerpts from a video created by the University of Chile team of the RedeAmericas (RA) project. The goal of RA is to improve the lives of people with mental disorders in the urban areas of Latin America. The photo essay focuses on Critical Time Intervention-Task Shifting (CTI-TS), a regional randomized pilot study of an intervention for individuals with severe mental disorders.

RedeAmericas meeting in Santiago

Representatives from the seven cities of the NIMH-funded RedeAmericas, including Sarah Conover, director of the CTI Global Network, attended the annual meeting last week at the University of Chile Salvador Allende School of Public Health in Santiago.

CTI-TS pilot starting soon in Argentina

The NIMH-funded RedeAmericas regional network has added Cordoba, Argentina, as a third city to the ongoing CTI-Task Shifting (CTI-TS) pilot study that started in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Santiago, Chile.

RedeAmericas meeting in Rio

The RedeAmericas, a NIMH-funded regional hub, held its annual meeting at the Institute of Psychiatry in Rio de Janeiro this week. The agenda focused on the CTI-Task Shifting randomized pilot study.

US and regional experts convene in Argentina to plan next steps in research collaboration

A meeting was held in Cordoba, Argentina, on November 26-27, 2012 of the leadership group of RedeAmericas, one of five NIMH-funded hubs for international mental health services research. Each hub serves as a center for multidisciplinary activities across a specific region. RedeAmericas research focuses on the mental health treatment gap in six Latin American cities –

CTI researchers convene in Buenos Aries

Investigators from four countries gathered on September 22 to describe their current research at a symposium held at the World Congress of Psychiatry in Buenos Aries, Argentina, sponsored by the World Psychiatric Association.  Participants included Dan Herman (US), Ezra Susser (US), Graham Thornicroft (UK), Elie Valencia (Brazil), Judith Wolff (Netherlands).  Thornicroft and colleagues are conducting