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New Pay for Success program using CTI to improve child welfare outcomes in Ohio

The County of Cuyahoga, Ohio has launched The Partnering for Family Success Program, the nation’s first county-level Pay for Success (PFS) project in partnership with FrontLine Service, a comprehensive continuum of care service provider for homeless persons in Ohio. Together with the Program’s housing partners, FrontLine will link each caregiver to housing using CTI and age-appropriate, evidence-based trauma services that will strengthen healthy and secure caregiver-child relationships.

NYC launches program for persons experiencing first episode psychosis

Named the New York City Supportive Transition and Recovery Team (NYC START), this CTI team, composed of social workers and peer specialists, will offer care coordination, psycho-education and support services to New York City residents, age 18 to 30, who have been psychiatrically hospitalized for the first time ever due to psychosis.

Update on CTI with families

Although CTI has primarily been used with single adults, the model has also been adapted to support families in the transition from homelessness to housing.   As described in a recent report from National Center on Family Homelessness about the Young Family CTI model, the approach incorporates targeted efforts to address needs around household management,

Adapting CTI to assist youth following discharge from residential treatment facilities

A collaboration between the New York State Office of Mental Health, the Center for Urban Community Services and the Columbia Center for Homelessness Prevention Studies will develop and test a modified version of CTI to enhance continuity of treatment, housing and community supports for adolescents being discharged from residential treatment facilities.  These programs, which provide