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Community agencies win SAMHSA Science to Service award for CTI implementation

samhsa2As part of the Science to Service initiative, SAMHSA annually recognizes provider organizations that successfully introduce evidence-based interventions into their practice. Since July 2005, the Institute for Community Living, Inc. (ICL), a large behavioral health agency based in New York City, has partnered with another New York based not-for-profit, CAMBA, in the implementation of Project Aspire, a SAHMSA funded initiative aimed at positively impacting sustainable housing placements for homeless women with mental illness and chemical abuse histories in Brooklyn, New York. The project utilizes three evidence-based practices: CTI; Seeking Safety, a present-focused group therapy for people with trauma, PTSD and substance abuse histories; and Wellness-Self Management (WSM), the New York State adaptation of the SAMHSA evidence-based practice toolkit, Illness Management and Recovery (IMR), a curriculum based practice which promotes recovery.

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