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Project Connect aims to improve outcomes for frequent users of hospital emergency services

old-presbhospitalConceptualizing discharge from psychiatric emergency rooms (ER) as a “critical time” of transition, researchers at New York State Psychiatric Institute have launched Project Connect, a pilot program that adapts CTI for frequent users at New York Presbyterian Hospital, home to one of New York City’s busiest psychiatric emergency departments.  In evaluating Project Connect, the research team will compare outcomes of persons receiving CTI services with those receiving usual care in order to determine whether the model decreases psychiatric ER visits and increases engagement in outpatient care among participants.  A particularly innovative aspect of the study is its use of specially trained peer workers to deliver the CTI intervention.  The project is supported with a grant from the New York State Health Foundation.  For further details, contact Dr. Ilana Nossel who heads the study at [email protected]

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