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Adapting CTI to assist youth following discharge from residential treatment facilities

teenagers6inA collaboration between the New York State Office of Mental Health, the Center for Urban Community Services and the Columbia Center for Homelessness Prevention Studies will develop and test a modified version of CTI to enhance continuity of treatment, housing and community supports for adolescents being discharged from residential treatment facilities.  These programs, which provide longterm residential care to children and adolescents with severe emotional disorders, hope to improve their capacity to develop effective discharge plans and coordinate post-discharge supports.  Based on input from providers and service recipients, the pilot project will first adapt the model to meet the needs of the target population and then train a small number of transition coordinators assigned to several residential treatment facilities.  The project also aims to evaluate the impact of this training on selected client outcomes including housing placement and retention.  For further information, contact Susan Thaler at [email protected] or Madeline Zivian at [email protected]

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