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Web-based training evaluation report released

CSIReportThe Center for Social Innovation has issued a final evaluation report on its NIMH-funded effort to develop and pilot test a web-based CTI training and implementation support model for social workers and other staff working with homeless persons.  This innovative project, which brought together experts in CTI, adult and team-based learning theories and multi-media technology, was the initial phase in what is hoped to be an ongoing initiative intended to make web-based training on CTI and related interventions broadly available to providers and to evaluate the effectiveness of such training.  According to the report, initial results are quite promising; high levels of completion, knowledge development and satisfaction were reported by most trainees.  Most encouraging, however, is that 80% of trainees reported that they had actively begun to implement CTI in their agencies within 30 days of completing the course.  The complete report is available here.

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