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Multi-site CTI trials launch in Netherlands

The Netherlands Center for Social Care Research at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, with funding from the national government, has launched two randomized controlled trials to assess the effectiveness of CTI in Dutch services for homeless people and victims of domestic violence.  The studies investigate whether combining Critical Time Intervention (CTI) with the typical strengths-based social work approach is more effective than the strengths-based methodology alone in improving housing and other outcomes.  The homeless sector trial will include adult clients of 9 shelters, examining whether CTI leads to fewer days of homelessness (primary outcome measure). The trial in the women’s shelter sector targets adult female clients of 8 facilities who have experienced violent abuse and examines how CTI affects their quality of life (primary outcome measure).  Teams have been trained in the interventions and data collection is set to begin shortly.  The study is led by Dr. Judith Wolf with collaborators Renee de Vet, Danielle Lako, and Marielle Beijersbergen.  A kickoff meeting (see photo), held on November 18 in Utrecht, was attended by service providers, researchers and CTI experts from the Netherlands and the US including Dan Herman of Columbia University.

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