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New project launches in North Carolina

northcarolina-vintage-map1The University of North Carolina School of Social Work has launched a CTI project that will provide services to over 200 persons with severe mental illness in Orange and Chatham counties. Led by faculty members Barbara B. Smith and Gary Cuddeback, the three-year project is also intended to promote the statewide adoption of the model. The project is funded by the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust. Further details here.

2 responses to “New project launches in North Carolina”

  1. Avatar Bebe Smith says:

    Thanks for getting the word out about our work! We’re hoping that CTI will have a place in NC’s evolving mental health system.

  2. Avatar TraciQuinnNC says:

    And now, two years later, CTI is being implemented by the mental health system July 1, 2015! Good work Bebe!

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