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New Pay for Success program using CTI to improve child welfare outcomes in Ohio

The County of Cuyahoga, Ohio has launched The Partnering for Family Success Program, the nation’s first county-level Pay for Success (PFS) project in partnership with FrontLine Service, a comprehensive continuum of care service provider for homeless persons in Ohio. Together with the Program’s housing partners, FrontLine will link each caregiver to housing using CTI and age-appropriate, evidence-based trauma services that will strengthen healthy and secure caregiver-child relationships. The program employs an innovative funding mechanism through which financing comes from both philanthropic and commercial sources. The Partnering for Family Success Program, the first PFS project in the combined areas of homelessness and child welfare, will deliver intensive 12-15 month treatment to 135 families over five years to reduce the length of stay in out-of-home foster care placement for children whose families are homeless. Read more about the program here 

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