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UNC Project launches CTI initiative throughout North Carolina

CACTI director Daniel Herman was the keynote speaker at the launch of a new initiative in North Carolina that will expand the use of CTI to multiple areas of the state. The May 20th event, attended by close to 100 service providers and state and local government officials, was organized by the University of North Carolina CTI Project, a partnership between UNC’s School of Social work and the Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health of the Department of Psychiatry.

The UNC project brings together community partners to improve the quality of care for homeless persons in the state by training and supporting homeless services providers to implement CTI throughout North Carolina. With direct funding provided by the state’s NC Division of Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Developmental Disabilities, the initial expansion plan calls for the development of four new programs, focusing on preventing and ameliorating homelessness among persons with mental illness and substance abuse problems. It is anticipated that the program will continue to expand in the coming years with funding from North Carolina’s Medicaid program. The state is among the first to create a dedicated Medicaid CTI service category.

CTI Project Director Bebe Smith leading a discussion at the CTI Kick Off Event in North Carolina.


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