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Spotlight on Jeff Olivet

In the second installment of our podcast series, CTI Spotlights, we interview Jeff Olivet. Jeff is an activist, writer, and the President and CEO of the Boston-based Center for Social Innovation, a center that brings together academic research, clinical practice and learning products and quickly moves information out into wide use in the field. His focus is on strategic planning, curriculum development, training and organizational development in the areas of health care and homelessness. Mr. Olivet is a CACTI advisory board member, and has partnered with Center co-directors and the CTI in-person trainers at the Center for Urban Community Services to create an online training and dissemination method for CTI. Jeff also hosts the podcast Changing the Conversation, in which he interviews health and human service experts, teachers, researchers, and advocates on critical and timely topics related to homelessness, trauma, mental illness, and addiction.

Listen to the podcast here.

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