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CTI Featured at Conference in Lima, Peru

The RedeAmericas Conference was held on July 12-13, 2017 to launch the second phase of a regional mental health research hub under the leadership of Rubén Alvarado (O’Higgins University, Chile). At the conference, membership expanded from the original five countries to include four new ones. Sarah Conover (Director, CTI Global Network) led discussions about helpful online tools for a proposed Latin American CTI center and about the status of data analysis for a recently completed CTI study in Brazil and Chile. The conference brought together Lisa Dixon (Columbia University), creator of an evidence-based practice that draws on aspects of the CTI model for people with first episode psychosis, with her two Peruvian collaborators, Yuri Cutipe (Peruvian National Institute of Mental Health) and Judy Caballero (Peruvian National Institute of Mental Health).

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