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CTI Spotlight: Rhonda Herndon and Sonja Haughton

Rhonda Herndon (left), Sonja Haughton (right).

In this installment of our podcast series, CTI Spotlights, we interview Rhonda Herndon (Practice Manager) and Sonja Haughton (Clinical Team Leader) of the CTI program at The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD in Houston, Texas. The Harris Center is a collaborator in a county-wide Mental Health Jail Diversion Program that is the result of of a senate bill passed in the Texas Legislature in 2013. It is in this context that Rhonda and Sonja implement the CTI model to work with high-needs individuals exiting the jail system in their county. Listen in to hear more about their experience with applying CTI to this particular population and transition!

One response to “CTI Spotlight: Rhonda Herndon and Sonja Haughton”

  1. Lola Hobbs says:

    Question for Harris Cty; if client has charge in another county will DA contact them and try work concurrent program so that inmate doesn’t have to be transferred to other county and loose CTI program opportunity. The inmate has no representation in said county and is indigent and homeless. CTI program would be last hope.

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