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CTI-TS pilot starting soon in Argentina

The NIMH-funded RedeAmericas regional network has added Cordoba, Argentina, as a third city to the ongoing CTI-Task Shifting (CTI-TS) pilot study that started in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Santiago, Chile.

RedeAmericas meeting in Rio

The RedeAmericas, a NIMH-funded regional hub, held its annual meeting at the Institute of Psychiatry in Rio de Janeiro this week. The agenda focused on the CTI-Task Shifting randomized pilot study.

CTI reduces re-hospitalization risk

A newly published paper by Andrew Tomita of Columbia University and Dan Herman of Hunter College examines the impact CTI in reducing rehospitalization among formerly homeless individuals with severe and persistent mental illness after discharge from inpatient psychiatric treatment.  In a randomized trial with 150 participants, psychiatric rehospitalization at the end of the 18-month followup period was significantly lower

Promising results from new UK prison study

A team from the United Kingdom have published results from a pilot randomized trial testing the feasibility of using a brief version of CTI with persons with mental illness following release from prison. Sixty prisoners were randomly assigned to receive either a brief CTI intervention or usual discharge planning services. The study aimed to see

How service settings influence CTI practice

A newly-published study by Fang-Pei Chen of the Columbia University School of Social Work explores the ways in which service setting characteristics influence the implementation and practice of CTI. Results show service structure (e.g., the platform for relationship building, staff to manage housing applications, and organizational policy on substance abuse) and agency services (e.g., existing resources