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Web-based training moves to next phase

The Center for Social Innovation, in partnership with Center for Urban Community Services and researchers at Columbia University, has received additional funding from NIMH to further develop and test a web-based CTI training and implementation support model for social workers and other staff working with homeless persons.  This follows a successful pilot effort carried out last year.  Bringing together experts in CTI training and dissemination, adult and team-based learning theories and multi-media technology, this second phase of the project will complete development of the web-based training product and then evaluate it by comparing its effectiveness with a traditional face-to-face approach.

2 responses to “Web-based training moves to next phase”

  1. Tyra Morgan says:

    Hello, my name is Tyra Morgan and I would like to get information on CTI training for the case managers here at the agency where I am Family Services Manager. My agency works with homeless families in Dallas Texas. Information and possible training would help to enhance the work that we do with our families.
    Tyra Morgan

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